Our Vision

Our vision is to lead Persian to receive salvation, healing, freedom and live a victorious life to fulfill .

Our Mission

Our mission is to influence the world. We are called to spread holy bible to all Farsi speaking nations (Iranian, Afghan, …) living in Dallas and help and serve them. Lord wants us to teach people to practice truth of holy bible in their lives and encourage Christians to influence the world around them. (Mark 20-18:28, Isaiah 17:1)

We believe we are called by Jesus Christ to know him and let others know about him as well. We welcome everyone who are interested in knowing Jesus Christ or have faith in him and know him as their God and savior. We will be glad to have them in our family in church and use their gifts in Jesus, with Jesus and to serve him.

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We are a non-denominational, protestant and evangelical church, committed to follow Jesus Christ’s practice through holy spirit’s strength in our lives. We value the power of holy bible, supporting and serving each other especially through small home groups. We try to teach a new generation of trustworthy servants and followers for Jesus Christ. Our effort and prayer is to be the messengers of our Lord’s grace in homes, society and our world.

  • Fundamental values

    Pray- Praying is the foundation of all the services we offer, and the base of everything we build and create in our church. Our purpose is for all churches to devote themselves to pray.

    Awakening to save lives- Spiritually awakening is defined as Christian’s love to save lives and renewed commitment to obey God’s words.

    Perfection- How to achieve a goal is as important as the goal itself. We try to act with righteousness and keep both actions and words the same.

    Serving spirit- we serve Lord and people and are called by God in our lives to have a serving spirit and full submission to him.

    Supervision- establishing a supporter group who are free and creative and also making the best use of the available sources are both important.

    Holy life- we are committed to be pure and holy in our personal lives, so that our message will be with strength and anointment.

    Eager to save lives- church mission is to save lost lives for Jesus Christ and in fact this is our motivation which we take them to the church.

    Serving based on personal relationship- Jesus started his service by interacting with people; and for us who follow him, we start our serving journey as he did.

    The message will not compromise- we are seeking Lord’s satisfaction and share the gospel through the cross, not through the philosophical or religious arguments.


    Holy bible indicates clearly that people of God worship and show their affection using different ways. That is why you will see people of God in Persian church of Dallas worshiping and praising Lord by music, singing, clapping, dancing, and raising hands in the spirit.


    Tel: (408) 628 – 3033

    Emile: pcfdallas@gmail.com

    Pastor Hossein Saadi is the pastor of Persian Christian Fellowship church in Dallas, Texas. After studying different religions and schools of theology, he confronted with the true God and experienced personally his presence in his life. Now his hope is to share this truth, love, joy, and heavenly peace with others. He started to serve in home churches back in Iran in 2006, and was anointed for being a pastor in 2009. The fruit and result of his service from that time, is the foundation and establishment of different home churches in several cities in Iran. He also continued serving as a pastor among the Persians, while living in Turkey; which resulted in establishing other Iranian churches in different cities in Turkey, such as Adana, and Mersin. He is married and his marriage is blessed with two daughters. He strongly believes that Lord uses him to work on Muslims community in Dallas through his miraculous and amazing ways.


    Tel: (408) 628 – 3676

    Email: pcfdallas@gmail.com

    Pastor Samuel Toloui is the pastor of Persian Christian Fellowship church in Dallas, Texas. He was living away from Lord till twenty-three years old. After his amazing meeting with Lord, he converted to Christ and let him to take over his heart. Since the beginning of his faith, he devoted his life to Lord. His hope is to share the gospel with others so that they can experience love and salvation through Jesus Christ as well. He started his fulltime service in 2007 in Iran and was anointed to pastor over several local churches which he established them himself. He hopes to witness Lord’s miraculous works to be done in United states especially city of Dallas, same as other countries such as Iran and Turkey. His life is blessed with his marriage.

Contact Us

OFFICE : (972) 307 – 3033

CELL PHONE: (972) 307 – 3033

Email: pcfdallas@gmail.com

Address: 4041 MARSH LANE CARROLLTON TX 75007


Women’s ministry

Persian Church of Dallas is devoted to help women, so that they understand their freedom and destiny in Jesus Christ. If you are new in your faith or following Jesus for a long time, you can find your role in our women’s ministry. The purpose of this association is to provide a calm environment away from our daily concerns, so that by consultation in group you can be fruitful for the growth of your family. We also have guest speakers in our women’s ministry. We love to invite you to our women’s ministry to get to know other women. We love to know you better.

Men’s ministry

Making a difference, is the point of view of Men’s ministry in Persian Church of Dallas. Building strategic relationships in career, prayer, worship, and education financial aid help every man to find their heavenly goals and make them true. Join us and be a part of men who make a difference.

Praise and worship

Holy bible indicates clearly that people of God worship and show their affection using different ways. That is why you will see people of God in Persian church of Dallas worshiping and praising Lord by music, singing, clapping, dancing, and raising hands in the spirit.

Although our worship and praises are for him, we will get fresh and strong by the presence of holy spirit, since he is present in his people’s worship.

This way we gather together and put our eyes on him, and holy spirit will show his presence among us individually through different ways.

Kids ministry

Jesus Christ’s teachings and lifestyle while living on Earth indicates how important kids are to him. “But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). Therefore, kids are so valuable to us as well.

As a church of Christ, it is our responsibility to teach his practice to our kids, so that they can survive in this broken world filled up with decadences. For this concern, on Sundays simultaneously to general sermon sessions, we offer classes for our children according to their age, which includes: worship, worship songs, biblical teachings, playtime, and art works. So then, by letting our kids know about Jesus Christ, we prepare them to live based on his teachings and practice.

Student ministry

We truly believe students can change their world by love of Lord. By making a strong foundation in God’s words, and practically use his words in today’s world, we help our young group to develop their worldview based on holy bible and prepare them to be in use for Lord’s kingdom.

Persian Church of Dallas challenges them to be the ones who God called them for; looking up to heavenly Lord and finding their identity as the Lord’s sons, daughters, and inheritors. The love of God for them, will change their world and ours.

Just going to church will not be enough for our students. The world needs a generation who be in church and create a masterpiece for the Lord. For this purpose, our young people are learned to pray and take care of each other and Lord will open doors for them.

Our young group are offered special services such as worship, pray groups, bible study groups, and also preaching and teaching sessions. The lesson plans are designed regarding to their age and its purpose is to bring our young group closer to Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for leading the student ministry which Lord devoted to us.